Table for two ~ poetry

All the tables were taken. Filled they were, And the cafe was crackling with tones, Of people waiting and others nibbling, With their murmurs and excited guffaws, Gossip and banter, Bursts of Squeals and laughter. With folks busy chatting away Biting onto their muffins, blueberry and bran, Banana and chocolate with some berry jam. With... Continue Reading →


New story-series~ Unbuilt Mazes.

Chapter 1~ 'What happened'~ ~ I have had my moments of profundity, of thoughts where all in life seemed to make sense. When moments seemed simple enough for complexities to be ironed out, simple moments that filled my the mundane existence that I had seemed to enjoy living. And then there are some moments, where... Continue Reading →

Poetry~ City as a perfume

City of my love- You beauty, with your cobbled lanes and rainy days With bagpipes echoing in your cold air The smell of your air continues to haunt me Long after I have left your lanes. Your air is scented With such spirit and life That I wish you were a perfume That I could... Continue Reading →

Poetry~ Tree-like dreams

Water your dreams Like the rains do To the little frail sapling Growing each year only an inch. For years it looks like It isn't growing at all. Until one day, It's trunk is thicker And taller And those roots that grew out at it's outset Hold it together. Water your dreams That you see... Continue Reading →

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